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 Dance Fitness


 45 minutes Class for all levels - No ballet experience is needed!


A class that combines basic ballet elements with yoga, pilates, and fitness elements to create a full-body workout focused on developing good posture, stability, strength, flexibility, and length. Ballet elements will be present through the use of external rotation on exercises and the lengthening of muscles while executing the movement. Yoga and pilates elements will be present through core stabilization and flexibility of the limbs and elements of fitness will be present by utilizing equipment such as light weights and resistance bands to name a few.

The overall goal of the class is to develop strength, stability, length, stamina, and flexibility with the execution of movement based on repetition and resistance. 

Session I: September 6th - December 20th, 2023

Session II: January 8th - May 19th, 2024


Class                  Day                   Time                  Age                          Teacher     


· Barre Fit          Tuesday         7:00 - 8:00          17 & Up years        Alejandra González

· Barre Fit          Saturday        8:00 - 9:00         17 & Up years        Alejandra González

Single Class: In-Person $20

10 Class Card, In-Person only $180

Single Class – Professional* rate, available In-Person only $10

Single Class – College Student*, available In-Person for only $12


Professional* 10 Class Card, available In-Person for only $90

College Student* 10 Class Card, available In-Person for only $110


*Must present a valid college ID, union card, or letter of verification on letterhead from the employer to be eligible. Class cards are valid for three months from the date of first use. 

· Classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment

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