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Taná Dance, Arts & Movement is a new concept that provides exceptional dance education and training as well as movement exploration for the entire family. A place where people can feel comfortable building a community while adopting a wholesome and artistic lifestyle. At Taná Dance, Arts & Movement students of all ages and levels will explore, connect and grow as individuals and artists while being challenged, inspired and developing important life skills.



The innovated and meaningful programs will provide the opportunity for students to learn maintaining a healthy structure and discipline to achieve growth.

Taná Dance, Arts & Movement programs promote a clear vision of our goals and services in order to accomplish the overall integral growth of our students.


Taná Dance, Arts & Movement is committed to provide a nurturing experience and excellent instruction to all students and families. Through our various programs from the early childhood to adults, we foster a wholesome lifestyle and artistic growth. In the Pre-professional program Taná Dance, Arts & Movement will target youth and adult students who are committed to their dance education and who want to accomplish a professional level training. Taná Dance, Arts & Movement provides an exciting, creative and positive outlet to inspire students of all ages and all levels to develop acceptance, tolerance and empathy, while working with others.  Taná Dance, Arts & Movement believes the study of dance and understanding of movement will provide all students with unique skills and values that will enhance their lives and unlock their potential as individuals, artists and athletes.



To provide exceptional dance education and training, to develop kinesthetic learning and to foster movement exploration for the entire family. Our responsibility is to focus on the development of fundamental skills as we encourage individual artistry and nurture creativity. The center provides an energetic and multicultural rich environment where students of all ages and levels can thrive.


The center’s goals will be reached through our extensive curriculum development and our constant attention to detail within our service and dance/movement pedagogy. Our experience and knowledgeable faculty and staff will make sure to meet our student expectations with high standards in methodology and ethical commitment. The quality of dance education and instruction that Taná Dance, Arts & Movement will provide our students will be honest, caring and professional to promote integrated physical and emotional fulfillment.


The model for the integration of progressive dance education utilizing methodology, technique, pedagogy, creative arts, culture and the development of kinesthetic skills as a vehicle to attain an integrated healthy lifestyle physically and emotionally for an individual from birth until mature adulthood.


Taná Dance, Arts & Movement takes joy on being a one of a kind learning environment for dance and movement. Therefore, we set the grounds to be the Go-To Dance, Arts & Movement Center in the area of Skokie and surrounding neighborhoods in the Chicago-land area.

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