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Early Childhood Movement Program 


In the Early Childhood Program, the children will learn "dance" by the exploration of creative movement and play. The curriculum focuses on developing their sense of security and confidence, as well as the development of gross and fine motor skills and crossing the body's midline through movement that encourages the children to expand their imagination. 

Students must meet the age requirement by 09/01/23 to enroll in this program. The class could be canceled due to low enrollment. 


Pre-Dance Division (Ages 3-6) 

Pre-Dance classes are an introduction to formal dance training. Students will be exposed to basic and age-appropriate dance terminology, positions, and movements.  

Pre-Dance Schedule

Session I: September 6th - December 20th, 2023

Session II: January  8th - May 19th, 2024

Class                                                      Day                      Time                     Age                     Teacher     


· Tiny Dancer I                                     Tuesday             4:30 - 5:00          3 years               Alejandra González

· Tiny Dancer II                                    Tuesday             4:30 - 5:00          4 years               Alejandra González 

· Tiny Dancer I                                     Saturday            10:00 - 10:30        3 years              Alejandra González

· Tiny Dancer II                                    Saturday            10:00 - 10:30        4 years              Alejandra González 

· Ballet/Modern Combo                  Monday              5:30 - 6:30           5 - 6 years        Eduardo Zambrana

· Mexican Folklore Mini                    Thursday            4:30 - 5:30           5 - 6 years        Brian Luna 

Early Movement  (4 months - 2 years)

Lil' Bugs:

Think about this class as an extension of your living room, a place where you can gather and meet with other families, space, and time to engage with your baby and work on some tummy time. In this class parents and caregivers will be able to develop an important bond with the baby. We will be singing songs and using lots of eye-to-eye contact as well as using loving and caring touch. This class will introduce new objects and different textures to the baby to be able to stimulate their senses, It is important at this stage to encourage the activities and exercises that will promote muscle strength in our baby’s core, back, neck, arms, and legs in order to help them move forward into their next stage.


Infants at this age are eager explorers. They move quickly and can get around by crawling, scooting, or even walking at this point.  It is important to continue to strengthen the parent and child’s bond, building trust, support, and healthy independence. In this class, the baby will develop coordination using tools that will encourage crawling or crawling itself. We will introduce the concept of listening, observing, imitating, repeating, and focusing by talking to the baby, singing, and dancing together. At this stage, we will start to introduce emotions as we dance.


 The class will focus on exercises that build strength in their core, back, neck, arms, and legs and exercises that maintain the natural healthy flexibility of their joints and muscles. In this stage the class will focus on their ability to copy and repeat by telling stories, singing, and introducing movements easy to follow. Walking backward, beginning to jump, and balancing on one foot are natural discoveries at this age, we will create activities that encourage this natural discovery so we are able to continue to grow and achieve milestones.

These classes are parent and child classes. One caregiver should be present with the child at all times.

 Early Movement Schedule

Session I: September 6th - December 20th, 2023

Session II: January  8th - May 19th, 2024


Class                                          Day                      Time                     Age                        Teacher     

· Lil' Bugs                                    Sunday               10:00 - 10:30        4 - 7 months        Alejandra González

· Caterpillars                            Sunday               10:30 - 11:00         8 - 11 months        Alejandra González

· Grasshoppers                       Sunday               11:00 - 11:30          1 - 2 years              Alejandra González

COVID-19 related:

We believe in-person instruction is the best approach for dance and we are taking all the precautions necessary and implementing protocols to make sure we continue to stay safe and healthy. Taná Dance, Arts & Movement is committed to your family's safety, and with your help and commitment, we have been doing a great job.


We will continue to enforce sanitizing hands before class. We request that only one parent accompanies the student to class. The use of masks is a personal choice, but in this class, we are trying to connect our entire faces with the children so the use of the mask is not necessary.

If a student or family member has recently contracted COVID-19 and is beyond the required quarantine, they may resume classes. 

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