Early Childhood Movement  


Lil’ Bugs (4-7 months) 30 min class

In this class parents and caregivers will be able to develop an important bond with the baby. Lil’ Bugs class structure allows the development of healthy and loving communication between baby and caregiver by singing songs and using lots of eye to eye contact as well as use of loving and caring touch. This class will introduce new objects and different textures to the baby to be able to stimulate their senses, we will also focus on making babies aware of their different body parts by using dynamic games and exploration of new movement. It is important at this stage to encourage the activities and exercises that will promote muscle strength on our baby’s core, back, neck, arms and legs in order to help them move forward into their next stage.


Caterpillars (8-11 months) 30 min class

Infants at this age are eager explorers. They move quickly and can get around by crawling, scooting or even walking at this point.  It is important to continue to strengthen the parent and child’s bond, building trust, support and healthy independence. In this class the baby will develop coordination using tools that will encourage crawling or crawling it self. We will introduce the concept of listening, observe, imitate, repeat and focus by talking to the baby, singing and dancing together. On this stage we will start to introduce emotions as we dance.



Grasshoppers (Ages 1-2) 30 min class

At this point they are consider toddlers and they will grow confident on their feet. The class will focus on exercises that build strength on their core, back, neck, arms and legs and exercises that maintain their natural healthy flexibility of their joints and muscles. In this stage the class will focus on their ability to copy and repeat by playing games that promote clapping and movement easy to follow to introduce rhythm and musicality. Walking backwards, beginning to jump and balancing in one foot  are natural discoveries at this age, we will create activities that encourage this natural discoveries so we are able to continue to grow and achieve milestones.

Students must meet age requirement by 09/01/20 to enroll in this program. Class could be cancelled due to low enrollment. 

Fall Semester

 September 07, 2021-December 18th, 2021!

Early Childhood Movement Tuition - $300 


$25 first child regardless of discounts, $15 for each additional sibling. Registration fee is 



MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT: Taná Dance, Arts & Movement offers a 8% discount for each additional class for students taking two or more classes in a session.



Taná Dance, Arts & Movement offers a 10% sibling tuition discount for the second child and subsequent children from the same immediate family.

COVID-19 related Should Skokie and Cook County move to Phases 1, 2, or 3 of the Restore Illinois plan at any point during the session, all classes will be offered virtually and no refunds will be given.