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Taná Dance, Arts & Movement begins classes in September and ends classes in May. Our classes are structured to follow a curriculum spread out throughout the school year. This means it is extremely important that the students and parents commit to the full year, to ensure improvement in technique.


It is Taná Dance, Arts & Movement’s policy to offer appropriate opportunities and class level placement to every student. Each student’s class placement is evaluated on an annual basis. Decisions regarding each student is carefully examined and made with the expertise of our highly trained and professional staff of instructors. Proper placement helps to ensure optimal growth for each individual student. Please contact the Director for any questions regarding your student’s training and placement.


Students’ regular attendance is imperative to ensure growth and consistent progress. Taná Dance, Arts & Movement encourages every student and parent to maintain good attendance throughout the year. In the case of an absence, please notify the office in advance and schedule to make-up the class that was missed.


In order to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury in our students, it is extremely important to start class on time. Students that are late may not be able to participate in the class, allowed only to observe. Late admittance can be very disruptive to the flow of the class and dangerous for the body, therefore late admittance is left to the discretion of each teacher.


Parents and visitors are invited to observe class only on designated dates. The observation dates will be provided to parents and teachers at the beginning of the school year when the yearly calendar is released. Prospective students and special case observation must be approved by the instructor or director at least one week prior to class. The training process is sensitive: outside presence may distract or inhibit the students. Parents/Guardians of 3-4 years of age are required to stay quietly in waiting areas.


Taná Dance, Arts & Movement reserves the right to cancel a class at any time due to low enrollment. For cancellations due to inclement weather during winter, Taná Dance, Arts & Movement will follow the Chicago Public School cancellation policy. Classes that have been cancelled due to inclement weather will be made up at the end of the school year.


 REFUND POLICY Tuition payment is required in full at the beginning of the year. Payment plans are available to distribute the payments through out the year. Tuition is nonrefundable, except in case of serious injury or long-term illness. Requests for medical refunds must be made in writing and accompanied by a physician’s certificate. All refunds will be assessed an administrative fee of $25.00 We ask the students and parents ensure that classes that have been selected fit their schedule for the full year commitment. To ensure proper placement we encourage students to take a trial class for free.

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