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What is MOCUMÚ?


Created and developed by Alejandra González, Director of Taná Dance, Arts & Movement, Mocumú is an innovative dance format for ages 2-6. The purpose is to experience the art of movement through exploration of music and rich cultures of Latin America, while supporting age appropriate motor development. MOCUMÚ classes will be taught in both English and Spanish, giving students an opportunity to further this cultural dance experience. Live music combined with this unique approach to early childhood dance instruction gives both children and their parents an opportunity to experience this art form on a much deeper level. Participating in this class with live music allows for students to develop an innate ability to pick up on rhythms as they learn to express themselves through movement. 


Fall Semester

 September 07, 2021-December 18th, 2021!

Students must meet age requirement by 09/01/20 to enroll in this program. Class could be cancelled due to low enrollment. 


MOCUMÚ - 60 minutes class - $315


$25 first child regardless of discounts, $15 for each additional sibling. Registration fee is 



MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT: Taná Dance, Arts & Movement offers a 8% discount for each additional class for students taking two or more classes in a session.



Taná Dance, Arts & Movement offers a 10% sibling tuition discount for the second child and subsequent children from the same immediate family.

COVID-19 related Should Skokie and Cook County move to Phases 1, 2, or 3 of the Restore Illinois plan at any point during the session, all classes will be offered virtually and no refunds will be given.