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 Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness


Back To Basics Now With Baby (Postpartum Program)


Looking to get rid of your postpartum belly?

Loose the postpartum tummy doing it the right way!

Heal from within and regain your strength and core health  


Get the tools to:


· Recondition your core and pelvic floor to lose the post pregnancy tummy  and flatten your  belly.

· Heal your Diastasis Recti  with appropriate and specific exercises.

· Develop proper alignment 

· Improve your pelvic floor functions & address incontinence.


· Build stability in your pelvis and strength in your torso.

· Reduce the risk of injury and long-term damage. 

· Reduce back pain and overall discomfort. 

· Develop the awareness of appropriate posture


· Increase energy and stamina.

This program applies to all postpartum women, No matter where you are in your postpartum journey,  if you are 8 weeks postpartum or 8 years. If you want to improve core functionality and pelvic floor health, this program is your you!



If you choose to incorporate your baby into the exercises you can also find:

· Baby and Me exercises.

· Eye to eye contact exercises to develop connection. 

· Use of gentle and loving touch (Baby massage)

Six Weeks Session Available!

Upcoming Session Starts April 5th, 2021-May 14th, 2021

Six Weeks Session $180

What you get:

· Unique exercises that focus on posture and abdominal breathing - Engage and learn to coordinate all layers of your pelvic floor and deep ab muscles. This exercises are 10-30 minutes long so you can fit them in you busy schedule.

· A community of women going through the journey of postpartum. Supportive community where you can share experiences and ask questions without fear of judgment. A place were you can connect with other mothers,

· Online platform in which you will have access  to daily set of exercises, short and specific to do at home on your own time. For six weeks!

· One In-Person  session a week with me at the studio to go over questions, corrections etc. 

· Full Calendar of the six weeks. Detailed day by day  guide of exercises.

· Educational Materials

· Exercises involving your baby to develop connection. As well as safe baby massage.

· A free  15 minutes assessment with Chiropractor 

· Free in-person and online  introductory talk to the program to present the educational materials.

What you need:


· Yoga Mat

· 8” Pilates Ball (you could replace with a pillow)

· Resistance Loop Band

· Yoga strap or scarf

· Chair



The Birth of this Program (no pun intended)

This program was born right after my second daughter! In all seriousness...


 I am a profesional dancer and dance teacher with over 20 years of experience. When I became a mom for the first time I returned to rehearsals and to the stage in no time and without any issues (or so I thought), I felt strong and empowered. I had only stopped dancing and exercising during my recovery which was about  8, since I had a C-Section. Fast forward to my second pregnancy and birth and things looked very different.


I was not training in my second pregnancy like I was during my first cause you know, busy mom life. I had gestational diabetes for the second time, my Ab separation had returned and became a full Diastasis Recti, I had a second C-Section and a lot of scar tissue, I was a new mom now of two and I felt like I was in a different body.


Feeling weak, confused, in constant pain and so disconnected from my body was something I had never experience before. I had read a lot about pregnancy, all the prenatal care, all about newborns, baby care, etc. But I had no idea that I needed to learn about my postpartum body and all the care my body needed to heal. After my 8 weeks of "rest" after my second C-Section I went to my OBG for my consult and I asked if I could start working out, here is the conversation.


Me: So, can I start working out?!

Doctor: Yes!

Me: Yes?!!!! I asked very exited! well, what can I do?

Doctor: What every feels good, if you get dizzy or it hurst don't do it.

My question to you, Sounds familiar?!!! 



That is it?!!!!! just do what ever doesn't hurt!!! I am a person that knows her body, I know what to do to when I'm hurting, I know how to take care of my body and yet I was LOST!

I kept thinking of new moms that are not into fitness or dance and never the less in my same position, not knowing what to do or how to start back.

Sometimes we feel pressure by society's rules and norms and we just jump into whatever previous workout routine we had, some woman go to the gym, some other start new programs but...


Do we know what we are doing?!

Are we properly allowing our bodies to heal?

Are we purposely assisting our body to heal even further and then properly strengthening it.

Are we allowing for a proper process that will help us to truly heal and to get a healthy and strong core and pelvic floor? so we live a life with out pain, without discomfort, without injuries.

Are we?!!!

Our bodies have changed forever and the only way we are going to get a new strong healthy body is with knowledge, care and consistent work.


There is not a lot of support or intention about caring for women after the baby is born, we as mothers don't give ourselves this time to process and heal we don't research and we don't continue the healing process, because is not something is encouraged. Information is limited and there are a lot of contradiction so we have to be very careful with the programs we choose, because rather than helping us it could be aggravating the problem.

Once postpartum, always postpartum! And this is not a BAD THING!

It just means different way of strengthening the core, what may work for other women might not work for a postpartum body!


Did you know that Ab separation is completely normal but Diastasis Recti is not?


 I will tell you more in a minute...


Let me just say that I was forced  to start looking and researching and looking for holistic care to help my body heal and start feeling like myself, a better self! 

I fell in love with this new way of working out and to be gentle with my body approach.  I stared therapy with my chiropractor and stared to incorporate breathing exercises into my routines which were key to my recovery. I have to say that consistency and rhythm play an important roll in the recovery process, it is not how much but how well and how often. Returning to an exercise routine after giving birth can be done safely but we have to heal our pelvic floor and our core first. 


 This class focuses on the development of proper execution of movement (kinesthesia) of the body, alignment  and breath after pregnancy and delivery.

Learn how you can incorporate your baby into the workouts giving you the opportunity to connect and play. Through a detail series of exercises Mom will be able to gain strength, stability and control while baby gets proper stimulation, key to brain development.





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